The Start of My Pilgrimage

September 10th - The day has come.  My pilgrimage is starting today.  I am now on my way to Heathrow.  Flying to Bilbao.  Thank you for your prayers and best wishes.  Please do uphold Elizabeth who is so brave, courageous and generous to let me go.  Please, do pray for her.  Thank you.  Buen Camino! (This is the greeting that are offered to pilgrims, and they offer to one another).


September 10th - Thank you so much for your love and encouragement.  I arrived to Bilbao at 11.30am, then went to Bilbao city centre and bought my bus ticket to BAYONNE, France, which is due tomorrow at 7am.  Now, I am staying at YWAM (Youth with a Misson).  This is a Christian Mission that train young people to preach the Gospel.  I will spend the night here.  It has been raining here, but thank God the sun is shining now.

His Mercies Endure Forever

September 11th - God is good and his mercies endures forever.  Seeking his presence and his blessing for this new day, for without it any enterprise is fruitless.  Good Morning from a wet Bilbao.  This morning I have to get the 7am bus to Bayonne, France.  Already 2.5Km walk to the station; still in the dark and on a rainy morning.

Ascend to the Pyrenees


September 11th - I got my credentials at SJPP.  You see the photos.  People from different countries.  After lunch I began my ascend to the Pyrenees, 1200ft.  I am spending the night in a small hamlet called Honta, Ithuburia.  After walking about 13Km.  The walk tomorrow will be about 20 Km and the climbing goes up to around 5000ft.  Please, pray for a good day, as it can be very cold, windy and foggy.  Also the walk is about 20Km with no place to stop for coffee.  I will tell you exactly how many Km I have done at the end of the day.  God bless you and Good night,


No room at the Inn!

September 13th - Dear Virtuous Pilgrims, By God's grace I reached Zubiri.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  The weather was beautiful.  I enjoy singing "All Creatures Great & Small".  However, the road was wet from previous rainy days, and much harder than I anticipated.  They have changed part of the road.  I remember last time it was quite softer on the knees.  This time I had to go up and down on wet and slippery rocky paths.  But, I reached Zubiri after 6.5hrs walk. 

Last night I slept at the monastery with other 180 pilgrims!  Thank God, I booked in advance.  Sadly, about 40 pilgrims had to go to another village.  (I met a German guy that slept on his hammock, in the forest).  It was very noisy (snoring) at the pilgrims refuge.  I could only sleep lightly for 4 hours.  Tonight I am going up market and spending the night in a simple pension with one bed, and shared bathroom.  So, I am looking forward to a good sleep to recover.  God's willing tomorrow I am passing Pamplona.

God's Word is so Pertinent


September 14th - After, more than 11Km.  A short break in a cafe in Zuriain, small hamlet.

God's Word is so pertinent.  Alleluia!

Now, ready to go.  Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  Please, could you put your name at the end of your message.  I am afraid, I only see your number.  Sorry to ask you this.  Thank You


September 14th - Thank you for your kind words.  I reached the pilgrim's refuge by 3.30pm.  I decided to cross Pamplona and stay at a village called Cizur Menor.  The day was pleasant for the pilgrims, with sunshine, cooler wind and a soft drizzle.  Today my walk was about 30Km.  I am now ready to go to sleep.  Herewith some pictures.


What goes up, must come down


September 15th - Good Morning!

God's mercies are new every morning, great is his faithfulness!  Leaving Cizur Menor.  The day is clearing now.  Buen Camino dear virtuous pilgrims.

Yes, today I climb a hill 1600ft.  I hope going down does not hurt the knees.  Thank you for your prayers, good wishes and wise advice.  Yes, I will take small steps downwards.


Every act of kindness is a sign of God's kindness & care

September 16th - Good Morning all.

It is so wonderful to encounter the Lord every day and se his love and mercy in many ways.  Today, I was surprised to find that the host of this refuge had baked a cake and laid for us a good breakfast.  Every act of kindness is a sign of God's kindness and care.  So, let us not get tired to do good for others in his name's sake.

Leaving Puente la Reina and heading to Estella.  On my way thinking of you and of all who suffer.  May God bless you today.  Buen Camino!