Made It - Carrion de Las Condes

September 30th - Yes, hooray!  I reached Carrion de Las Condes. Halfway through.


Thanks to your prayers the body is responding to the challenge. Though Iam a bit tired, especially my knees needing some easy time, and my feet too. Thank God, no blisters apart from a tiny little one on one of my little toes. It almost healed itself.

After having my pilgrim's menu, I went to do some shopping, and later on went to the convent. Now I am installed and looking forward to my day of rest. This is a very much needed stop because on Monday I have to walk one of the most gruelling paths. This is a 17.5km barren roads with no trees, no water, no convenience store, nothing. Last time I did I had to ration my water to have enough. Every single drop of water counted. I also got huge blisters on the plant of feet.

Changing the subject, herewith some photos. I am sorry that they seem so much alike. I just enjoy seeing the scene, that I want you to see them with me.

God bless you all.

Good night