Best Hotel on Earth...the one with the million stars

October 9th - Thank God i reached Santa Catalina de Somoza.


It was a good long day of walking. Cold morning to begin with and a hot afternoon. From 4C to 27C. Soon after I left I had a quick chat with a lady that I saw few days ago. It was still dark, and she told me that she had already been walking for 2 hours. She is a 76 years old lady, and was carrying her own backpack. I would love to reach her age and keep walking the way she does.

On my way I met an American mother, from Massachusetts walking with her 2 daughters aged 12 and 14. The amazing thing was to hear that they started in SJPP, France on 25th of September. Wow! They are walking an average of 35km.  I said, Buen Camino, and surely I will not see you again. In just few minutes I lost the sight of them. But, to my surprise I met them again in Astorga near the Cathedral.  They had just stopped to eat. Though I passed them briefly, soon they were leaving me behind, especially as I also had to stop for a quick lunch which I shared with a couple of Argentinians (father and son). It was a kind of reunion, as I had shared the same room at the Albergue (hostal) the previous night.

Then, leaving Astorga I had to walk 9km from 1pm to 3:30pm under 27C. That was so exhausting. I had to keep hydrating all the time.

Thank God I found a companion for the last 2km, a German who was well read on the Knight Templars. He was carrying a huge rucksack of about 15kg. He said that he was carrying all what he needed for el Camino because every night he spent the night in the best hotel on earth, the one that has millions of stars. He buys his food and cooks it. And the only thing he buys regularly is his cold beer! Cheers!