The Long way Down

October 11th - God is Good!

I finished another long day. This time it was 7 hours.
The descent was as hard as yesterday, but longer.  However, this time was better than yesterday because I did it at the beginning of the day. As I climbed down slowly I just saw people passing me all the time. Many times I had to stop to let them pass through. At the end of the day, I am an old man, and I suppose it is expected.

Once I reached Molinaseca, 11km down the mountain I continued my descent walking on on asphalt and pavement until I reached Ponferrada, and walk on level ground afterwards to my destination: Camponaraya. The city of Ponferrada is famous for the Templers' Castle. Walking on pavement for almost 15km was a different kind of pain on the feet and knees. Now I am just resting in the Albergue. And what a surprise it was to find out that my bunk bed neighbour is a young German who spent 7 months in Peru studying tourism. He knows more places of my country than I do.

I hope the photos give you a picture of the journey.

Good night, and thank you for your prayers and messages through Whatsapp and the website blog. I am very sorry that I am not replying to your messages, though I do love them and give me great encouragement.