Life is a Miracle

October 14th - Good Morning.

Thank God for this new day, and for the strength he give us to start. 

God is good.

Today, God's willing , I am going to Sarria.

As you saw by one of the photos we are now in Galicia. Yesterday the Pilgrim Menu was very generous, plenty of Galicia soup, meat stew, Santiago cake, and of course local wine. We were all sharing our experience of walking through the smoke. Sadly, the fire continued, and what was happening up in the hills started to spread down very near where the pilgrims walk. I really hope they managed to stop the fire, otherwise the pilgrims that are due to walk today will be stopped. I saw yesterday afternoon, as I walked further away, probably 15k away, 2 helicopters carrying water.

Please, pray for this and the safety of all the pilgrims.

One more thing, on my way to Villafranca del Bierzo, I met again a fellow pilgrim, the German that carries all his equipment on his huge rucksack, his name is Mikhele. He told me a wonderful story of God's miracle in his life. He used to work in a foundry. Tragically there was an explosion and he almost died. He was in coma for 2 months, while they reconstructed his body. They almost amputated his leg. When he was awake and on recovery they told him that he will need to get a dog and walk at least 6 hours a day. He told them that instead he will walk to Santiago. So he got ready and started El Camino from the border of Denmark, crossed the countries of Germany and France and now Spain, after Santiago he will go to Portugal and back to Santiago. So far he has walked near 4500kms. You can see in his eyes how grateful to God he is for the life he has every day.

So, I thank the Lord for being alive today. It is by his grace and mercy, a miracle indeed, as I should never take life for granted. Praise the Lord!

Buen Camino!