I have arrived!

October 18th - Thank God, I arrived 40' ago. It was a long walk under the rain, and even with a couple of torrential ones. You could see water running like a river. I just walked with no care to have my walking boots under water. This journey normally is done in two days because it is almost 40k. The hardest thing was to be so near to Santiago, perhaps only 4k away to discover that they have done a detour and added 2k extra due to road works. And to this we had a second torrential rain to endure.

I amnow in the office where pilgrims are queuing to get their certificate of achievement. This is a long queue because there are pilgrims that arrived by bike too. It is so lovely to meet pilgrim's I walked with for a while in previous days. I am sorry that I did not take many photos as it was raining. I'm sorry my phone camera is not water proof!