Second Time Lucky


October 2nd - Dear All, thank you so much for your messages and prayers.

Thank God, the good rest I had yesterday had helped me to face this long walk.

I arrived well and not so tired to a hamlet called Calzadilla de la Cueza, (it only has 50+ inhabitants).  The walk was about 17.5km with no villages in between.    

Last time I walked this part, in my previous pilgrimage in 2014, it was so different for I did it in June, when it was much hotter and especially after having walked 21km from Fromista, with not much rest in Carrion de las Condes.

No wonder I got a huge blister on the sole of my right foot. It seemed then an unending walk at 2pm with little spare water, as I had already drunk almost 2 litres of my water bottles.

However, it was a bit different today for I found out a few trees planted along the way, and a couple of places to rest, one under some trees and and the other under a simple man made wooden roof. I thank God that I ended my journey less tired that I expected and a bit more comfortable as I had plenty of water and more strength. But still it was challenging because it was hot, about 28C.

The locals call this kind of "Indian Summer" their "Veranillo", or little summer.  I hope the weather is kind to you too.


The first photos are from Carrion de las Condes as I was leaving town, the other old building is the Monastery of St Zoilo, quite grand, then the road to Calzadilla. In one of the photos you might be able to see Picos the Europa, but it was quite blurred by the clouds. Then in another one you will see Edu, a man from Sweden. If you remember, I walked with him for a few days earlier in my journey.  I said good bye to him when I left him at a bus stop in the outskirts of Burgos. I did it because he told me that from Burgos he would be traveling by bus to Leon because of his bad knee. You cannot imagine the great surprise I had when I saw him resting under a tree drinking water. We walked together for a while.

Then the final pictures of Calzadilla and the most longed and cherished water fountain.