A Walk so Different


October 5th - Thank God the journey was good. I walked on the way, bordered with trees, and along the main road. It was another hot day, but the trees gave us the shade we needed. There was a section that we had to walk for more than 12km with no village bars to offer us refreshments. After a brief rest in Reliegos, thank God I finished my walk by 1pm. Usually after 1pm the heat goes up for a couple of degrees. I was glad I did it.

The main walk was on flat terrain, and I walked remembering that the last time I did it in June 2015 was under a torrential rain. I remember arriving to Mansilla de las Mulas completely and utterly wet. Today, it was so different.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

You can see from the pictures, that some pilgrims walk, others ride their bikes and others ride their horses.  A few years ago, I saw a pilgrim going all the way on his roller skates!