A House with Abundant Pot Flowers


October 7th - Thank God I reached Villadangos del Paramo. I am afraid not many photos today as the way was mainly leaving Leon city and walking through the outskirts of the city with buildings, with flats, shops, and the industrial part with not a few warehouses. It has expanded so much that the next two villages are almost part of Leon.

After I left the second village called La Virgen del Camino, which had also its Fiestas 2 days ago to celebrate their patron Saint, Saint Froilan, I walked around the main road and motorway, as well as their respective roundabouts. When I was out of all that, almost 11kms away, I started walking alongside the main road for another 10km. The only thing I could capture that cheered up the pilgrims was a house with abundant pot flowers. So, in the words of my granddaughter that was boring!

I suppose there are patches in our lives that may seem tedious and tiring, but we keep pressing on.  So, by God's grace, I still keep going for another 295kms.