Thank you for the Cross


October 8th - Thank you so much for your prayers. A bit better from my cold. Mornings are very cold. It is 4C when I start walking. The sunshine is deceiving. The temperature goes up to 15C by 11am, then it can reach 26C by 2pm. 

After walking on the plains of Leon we will start to climb up in the next two days up to 5,000ft. God's willing, by Tuesday I'll reach the top which has the famous Iron Cross. People are already carrying stones that they will leave at the foot of the cross. I met a Canadian that is carrying a stone for each member of his family. He brought the stones from Canada. The tradition is that the size of the stone represents the size of one's sin. In my case, I could not carry a rock. I always thank the Lord that he carried my sin on the cross, and set me free.

This time, when I reach the Iron Cross, I will thank him for his amazing grace and sing "Thank you for the Cross". I will pray for God's grace (for healing and forgiveness) on the people I know and I serve and love.

Buen Camino!