No room at the Inn!

September 13th - Dear Virtuous Pilgrims, By God's grace I reached Zubiri.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  The weather was beautiful.  I enjoy singing "All Creatures Great & Small".  However, the road was wet from previous rainy days, and much harder than I anticipated.  They have changed part of the road.  I remember last time it was quite softer on the knees.  This time I had to go up and down on wet and slippery rocky paths.  But, I reached Zubiri after 6.5hrs walk. 

Last night I slept at the monastery with other 180 pilgrims!  Thank God, I booked in advance.  Sadly, about 40 pilgrims had to go to another village.  (I met a German guy that slept on his hammock, in the forest).  It was very noisy (snoring) at the pilgrims refuge.  I could only sleep lightly for 4 hours.  Tonight I am going up market and spending the night in a simple pension with one bed, and shared bathroom.  So, I am looking forward to a good sleep to recover.  God's willing tomorrow I am passing Pamplona.