Thanks be to God

September 18th - Thank you so much for being my companions on this pilgrimage.  It is great to walk with you.  Let me share a story:

A few days ago I heard a wonderful testimony of a fellow pilgrim I met a few times along the way. He told me that not long ago he got something nasty by drinking water when he was working in Bosnia. So, back home in America, he started to lose all his movements and got completely paralysed, apart from his head. The neurologist told him to get ready as he was going to lose the ability to breathe.  He told me, that night he commended his family to the Lord, and also his life, and as he gave his life to the Lord, he had peace to go with him. But then,  he heard the Lord saying to him that he would be OK.

Next morning he began to move a finger, and next day 2 fingers and 3 weeks later he was leaving hospital.  Now, he is walking El Camino, hoping to finish the 800km.

Every day, he says, is a God's given gift that he enjoys and lives to the full. One day at a time as he counts his blessings.

And, yes, dear virtuous (virtual) pilgrims, walking El Camino, has to be done with gratitude for the strength one has, and people one meets.

In fact living it to the full, sometimes with joy and sometimes in pain with bad knees, blisters, etc. But one day at a time, hoping to get a simple meal and a bed at the end of the day.

Is it not life like that?

Thanks be to God for the day now is coming to an end. Good night.

God bless you.