We walk alongside the Lord


September 19th - It was a beautiful day to walk, fresh and sunny.


To begin with, the road was quite flat, but soon it became demanding, as we started going up and down. Quite hard on the knees. Thank God, I made my mind up to stop at the village called Viana. This is before Logroño. Most pilgrims were going there. I remember last time I did the journey I walked all the way to Logroño, but I was young then. It is amazing how one's body suffers from the changes in 5 years. I have to accept my limitations. Perhaps the sore knees reminds me of this reality. So, as I walk slowly, I can contemplate more.


On my way a young pilgrim joined the group in one of the villages. I could see her joy and enthusiasm as she was going up and down the road as if she was walking in the park. She made me think of how new Christians, who have joined the faithful in the journey, walk alongside with an incredible enthusiasm, that either cheers one up, or makes one wonder.

This time, as I made my way my thoughts and prayers were with people who are suffering, and going through treatment, and especially for Brian who is unwell, bedridden and waiting for his Lord and Saviour.

Let's continue praying for one another.