Wonderful to find kind people

September 25th - Actually, it was about 13k.


Thank God that about half way there, a lady called Elena was there with her station wagon providing refreshment, fruit, tea and coffee to give us a bit of nourishment. And all served not for a price but for a voluntary donation. There are angels on our way looking after us.

Yesterday, A kind person offered to wash and dry my clothes for free. It usually costs €6. And I had quite a lot to wash. It is so wonderful to find kind people and even Good Samaritans, who offered himself to help a lady to push her bike on a very steep path. May the Lord help us to be open and sensitive to his leading as he gives us opportunities to show kindness, which is also his nature.

Thank God, I reached ATAPUERCA with a Swedish companion, Edue, who asked me to walk with him, as the road was going to be long, and isolated. Later, on the way, he told me that he suffers from diabetes.

Thank you for your kind support and prayers. My left knee is back to normal, I think, as I do not have to use a knee protector. The left knee is getting a bit better, and still with extra protection and support. I am just looking after my feet from blisters.

God bless you!