The Hard Climb is Now the Past - Let's Look to the Future

September 29th - Good Morning. I left earlier this morning trusting in God's grace and strength. I had to climb a steep hill, almost 600ft, and long, about 1km. I reached the top exhausted. Some one said "the hard climb is now the past, let's look to the future."


At the top it was plain, a plato really, but just a km more or less. At the end a steep downward path that was so steep that people had to walk in zigzag, and some backward as it was very hard on the knees.  I tried all the above and knees were fine.  I made it. I saw a French man walking straight down, taking small steps with bent knees, it was like he was jumping. The only people who enjoyed the ride were the cyclists, who risking their own lives rode down fast.

I am now in the Province of Palencia. My destination today is Fromista.

God is good and faithful. Praying for God's miracle in the life of those who look to him in faith.

Buen Camino.