Wonderful to find kind people

September 25th - Actually, it was about 13k.


Thank God that about half way there, a lady called Elena was there with her station wagon providing refreshment, fruit, tea and coffee to give us a bit of nourishment. And all served not for a price but for a voluntary donation. There are angels on our way looking after us.

Yesterday, A kind person offered to wash and dry my clothes for free. It usually costs €6. And I had quite a lot to wash. It is so wonderful to find kind people and even Good Samaritans, who offered himself to help a lady to push her bike on a very steep path. May the Lord help us to be open and sensitive to his leading as he gives us opportunities to show kindness, which is also his nature.

Thank God, I reached ATAPUERCA with a Swedish companion, Edue, who asked me to walk with him, as the road was going to be long, and isolated. Later, on the way, he told me that he suffers from diabetes.

Thank you for your kind support and prayers. My left knee is back to normal, I think, as I do not have to use a knee protector. The left knee is getting a bit better, and still with extra protection and support. I am just looking after my feet from blisters.

God bless you!


Avoiding the Traffic

September 27th - Thank God for this new day.  God is good.  All the time he is good. 

I just take one step at a time.  This morning I am hoping to reach Hornillos del Camino.  The first leg is to leave this big city and walk, crossing a couple of motorways.  As they are still working, they have deviated the path.  I remember this last time I walked through.  It was quite long.  I hope you all have a blessed day.  He is with you wherever you are and whatever you do.

Buen Camino!

A Good Lord

September 28th - Another beautiful day the Good Lord gives to us as we start the journey towards Castrojeriz.  God bless you all!


Once again, I thank you for your prayers and good wishes.  Thank God, I slept well and felt refreshed for another day of walking.

Early this morning we had a starry night, even at 6am.  I saw a formation of stars that seemed like an arrow, perhaps pointing to Santiago.  As I am not an astronomer I could not tell.  But it was just beautiful.

Today my prayers are for those who are grieving who miss their beloved ones.

A Joy to See

September 28th - I left Hornillos del Camino towards Castrojeriz. Half way on my journey I reached a lovely town called Hontana.


This town would surprise you because you walk up and down, and along a plain path for Kms with no end, when suddenly you see the town, like it were emerging from a deep valley. I hope the photos do justice to this.

After I left Hontana I found a path that seems inhospitable. I walked this one ever so careful because last time I did on my second Pilgrimage to Santiago I twisted my ankle. I was determined not to be bitten twice as the path is rocky and uneven. You will see the photos. After a long walk I hit the main road that led me to the old Monastery of St Anton. This Monastery used to serve pilgrims since XII century. But now they are just ruins, though there is a small Albergue, just in case one does not have the strength to reach Castrojeriz that is only 3kms away. I left the ruins, and as I turned a corner, lo and behold, I could see the town of Castrojeriz. What a joy to see the end of my journey today.

This reminded me of a story of a friend's daughter who died a few weeks ago. As she was entering into the final stage of her pilgrimage on this earth her face suddenly changed and was filled with a beautiful glow and joy. Her dad, my pastor for many years, just said as he held her hands, she is now contemplating God's presence and his glory, where she is going.


The Hard Climb is Now the Past - Let's Look to the Future

September 29th - Good Morning. I left earlier this morning trusting in God's grace and strength. I had to climb a steep hill, almost 600ft, and long, about 1km. I reached the top exhausted. Some one said "the hard climb is now the past, let's look to the future."


At the top it was plain, a plato really, but just a km more or less. At the end a steep downward path that was so steep that people had to walk in zigzag, and some backward as it was very hard on the knees.  I tried all the above and knees were fine.  I made it. I saw a French man walking straight down, taking small steps with bent knees, it was like he was jumping. The only people who enjoyed the ride were the cyclists, who risking their own lives rode down fast.

I am now in the Province of Palencia. My destination today is Fromista.

God is good and faithful. Praying for God's miracle in the life of those who look to him in faith.

Buen Camino.


Fruits of the Harvest

September 29th - Herewith some more photos with the fields of wheat that have already been harvested.

You will realise that first, in La Rioja, we saw fields of grapes for wine and now, in Palencia, fields of wheat for bread.  The last few photos are the way to Fromista.  It was hot and later in the afternoon.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.  Now, I am ready to go to sleep for my last day of walking this week, towards Carrion de las Condes.  Good night!


Half Way Point is in Sight

September 30th - Good Morning.

Another beautiful day in Spain. Thanks be to God!

Today I am going to Carrion de las Condes, and here I will reach half way of my journey. Thank God for his love, mercy and faithfulness.

I will take my Day of rest here.

I am staying at the Convent of the Philippians Sisters.

Thank you for your prayers, concern and support.

Buen Camino!

May the Lord lead us all in his straight path.

Made It - Carrion de Las Condes

September 30th - Yes, hooray!  I reached Carrion de Las Condes. Halfway through.


Thanks to your prayers the body is responding to the challenge. Though Iam a bit tired, especially my knees needing some easy time, and my feet too. Thank God, no blisters apart from a tiny little one on one of my little toes. It almost healed itself.

After having my pilgrim's menu, I went to do some shopping, and later on went to the convent. Now I am installed and looking forward to my day of rest. This is a very much needed stop because on Monday I have to walk one of the most gruelling paths. This is a 17.5km barren roads with no trees, no water, no convenience store, nothing. Last time I did I had to ration my water to have enough. Every single drop of water counted. I also got huge blisters on the plant of feet.

Changing the subject, herewith some photos. I am sorry that they seem so much alike. I just enjoy seeing the scene, that I want you to see them with me.

God bless you all.

Good night


House of the Viceroys

October 1st - The Convent on the left hand side and the church of St. Andrews on the right.  This is at Carrion de las Condes.


Today morning prayers at the Convent and Holy Communion at St Andrews.  The below photo is the coat of arms of one of the second viceroys of Peru, as well as of this son who also was a viceroy, both called Luis de Velasco.

The house of the viceroys that were born in Carrion de las Condes are opposite to the church of St. Mary's.  The coat of arms is a Condor, though some people say it is an eagle.

By the way, this was in XVI C. by 1538.