Our Mentors

We understand that being new to an area and a church can be daunting, therefore, why not arrange a meeting with one of our church mentors who will help guide you and introduce you to St. John's.  Alternatively, join us on one of our regular Services to discover us for yourself.  All are welcome.



Tony has lived in Woodley since 1980 and has regularly attended St. John's during this time.  Over the years he has been accompanied by his wife, his children and more recently with his grandchildren.  He has been a member of the PCC since 2009.  Now a widower, he is a regular attendee of the 8am Communion Service.



Laura & Ben have been regular attendees of St. John's, along with their own family, for many years.   As parents to young children, they are usually found over by the the side Chapel during the family service on Sundays.  Together they support St. John's with readings and leading the prayers.



Warwick has lived in Woodley since 1993 and has attended regularly the 10am Sunday service at St. John’s since moving into the parish. Following this, and, since retirement, he also attends the occassional mid-week service.  Warwick is a Membership Officer, and is also a member of the Pastoral Ministry Group



Lorna has been a member of St John's for about 15 years and regularly attends the 10am Sunday service. 

She also attends the friendship group, where ladies meet over coffee/tea and biscuits every couple of weeks for a catch up.