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St John the Evangelist, Woodley is a parish church in Woodley, close to Reading in the English county of Berkshire. It is a Church of England church in the Reading Deanery of the Diocese of Oxford.

The church was built by Robert Palmer in 1873. In 1987 an extension was added to the south-east wall. Adjacent to the church is the St John's Centre, a Grade II listed building which was formerly a Church of England school but is now used as the church hall and office. Across the road from the church is the Rectory, though the present incumbent chooses to live elsewhere in the parish

St.Johns Church

Vicars & Rectors

2008 - The Revd Edilberto (Eddie) Márquez-Picón

2002 - The Revd Ann Douglas

1996 - The Revd Fred Woods

1990 - The Revd Ian Watson

1983 - The Revd John Congdon

1974 - The Revd John Eastgate

1948 - The Revd H. W. H. Wilkinson

1945 - The Revd K.F. Way

1940 - The Revd W. H. Trebble

1930 - The Revd Cyril Donne

1925 - The Revd Philip Gray

1913 - The Revd Frederick F. Penruddock

1881 - The Revd Ernest Angel Gray

St Johns Altar Window

A Brief History

1854 - Woodley School is built

1871 - The foundation stone is laid to build St John the Evangelist Church

1873 - St John the Evangelist church is built by Robert Palmer as a daughter church of St Andrew's, Sonning.

1881 - The Ecclesiastical Parish of Woodley came into existence.

1911 - St John's Mothers' Union founded.

1960s - St James Church was planted by St Mary's, Castle Street, Reading in co-operation with St John the Evangelist.

1973 - St James Church building in Southlake, Woodley is completed.

1987 - St John the Evangelist Church extension completed.

1988 - Woodley Church of England School moves to a new school building on the Airfield Estate. The old school buildings are given in trust to St John the Evangelist to be used as a church hall.

1991 - Emmanuel Church planted in the Southlake Church Hall.

1992 - Woodley Anglican churches become a Team Ministry.

1993 - The Airfield Church (LEP) planted by St John the Evangelist and the Congregational and Methodist Congregation of Christ Church, Woodley.

2007 - Woodley Anglican churches become a Group Ministry.

2009 - St James Church becomes a Benefice.

2010 - Emmanuel Church becomes a District Church.

2012 - Emmanuel Church becomes a Conventional District Church, and with the re-organisation of Woodley parish boundaries, they are now part of the Benefice of St James'.

Diamond Jubilee Window

Comments from our Congregation

The welcome was engaging

“There is something about St. John's... from the first time I stepped through those wooden doors it felt like it was the right place to be.  The welcome from everyone made me feel a part of the church from day one.”

- R.L -

Genuine friends

"I really enjoy being a part of St Johns . It's a very friendly church . I have made some very genuine friends. I also like that there are services on Wednesdays as well as Sunday, and there are church groups you can attend if you so wish.”

- Jeanette -

My sort of Churchmanship

“Determined to try all the churches in Woodley before settling in a new one, I came to St. John The Evangelist on my first Sunday in Woodley.  The service was my sort of churchmanship and I was made very welcome”

- Marion -


New to St. John's?

We understand that being new to an area and a church can be daunting, therefore, why not arrange a meeting with one of our church mentors who will help guide you.  Alternatively, join us on one of our Regular Services to discover us for yourself.  All are welcome.