Who St. John’s Support

Throughout the year, you very kindly gift to St. John’s donations which we put forward 15% to our Mission Partners and other groups:

  • The Woodley Pilot Light Trust*

  • RE Inspired in Woodley*

  • Karen & Amanda*

  • David Dhoj Gurung*

  • JAC working with young people in Woodley,

  • CMS and Latin Link

  • Mission Without Borders serving in Eastern Europe.

  • Church Army

  • Yeldall Manor – a Christian response to drug addition

*Mission Partners

Thank you so much for your regular giving

Sharing Gods’ Love

In addition, the PCC have agreed to support an identified charity each year with an additional 1% from our regular gifts.

In 2017 we supported The College of St. Barnabas that provides practical and spiritual support for retired clergy.

For 2018 we are supporting Christians Against Poverty - a charity started in 1996 by a Christian who believed God was calling him to sacrifice his career in finance and use his knowledge of the industry to help the poor. Their vision is to bring freedom and good news to the poor in every community through national CAP projects

Karen & Amanda

Amanda and Karen run Your People My People, a ministry that brings the stories of what God is doing in Israel to the local churches in the UK and worldwide. “We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to St John’s for your continued support of all the Lord is doing through the ministry of Your People My People – we couldn’t do it without you! We have been so grateful this year, to witness and be a small part of helping the church in Israel to be a beacon, shining the light of Yeshua (Jesus) into their communities and making a difference for His Kingdom! Highlights this year were:

Visiting a family reaching out to Holocaust Survivors in Israel - who are gathering elderly Survivors to share a regular meal together to alleviate the issues of loneliness, poverty and alienation.

Helping a group of Israeli Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youth, all believers in Jesus, attend a worship training camp where they learnt together about worship and prayer, also producing a worship CD together, in Hebrew and Arabic. It is a joy to see them building strong friendships through the process, that continue once they have gone to their separate homes.

  • Serving and leading worship at a prophetic gathering of Indigenous People-groups from around the globe who came up to Jerusalem to ‘Welcome the King of Glory’ and bless the local Israeli Body of Christ.

  • Supporting the leader of an Arab Christian House of Prayer in Nazareth who is training local Christians to grow in intercession and healing ministry.

  • Helping an Israeli Believer working with Yezidi refugees in Kurdistan.

  • Working with a YWAM-style discipleship program in Hebrew for young Believers grappling with the issues of following Yeshua (Jesus) as Jewish Israelis.

David Dhoj Gurung

We also continue to support David Dhoj Gurung who is an evangelist and Bible teacher in Bhutan. He became a Christian whilst studying in Oxford in 1990. He now lives as a refugee in Nepal and travels to the borders of India, and regularly to Bhutan to preach and teach in his homeland among the small Christian communities.

The Woodley Pilot Light Trust

The Woodley Pilot Light Trust is a registered charity, which was founded in 1997, by local churches of various denominations in Woodley with the aim of providing support to the local community in Woodley, Wokingham, Reading and the surrounding area. All those involved with the charity are Christians, but the service is intended for all. The charity offers free support in a number of specific areas:

  • Counselling and listening: Providing a listening ear for personal and relationship problems and counselling to help find ways of dealing with these problems.

  • Debt counselling and budgeting advice: Help in managing your financial situation and/or putting in place a plan to settle your debts?

  • Woodley Food Store: An emergency Food Bank for people in a time of crisis.

  • RE inspired-Woodley: Providing innovative units on Christianity for Religious Education sessions in Woodley schools.

RE Inspired in Woodley

As a church, together with other churches in Woodley we support Linda Galpin.

She serves 8 Primary Schools in the area. She visits the schools with a team of volunteers and teaches the Christian faith through RE lessons and School Assemblies.

Their vision is ‘to see all school pupils’ spiritual development and religious education enhanced by creative engagement with people of faith in an educational framework’ and have found that this approach can easily and effectively help make RE an exciting and potentially life-changing subject in schools.

Linda reports “During the Summer Term 2018, the team delivered a mix of different lessons. I’m always blown away at children’s responses during the prayer stations – ‘ask God any question’ brings up questions about forgiveness, justice, why God allows bad things to happen – deep questions from 8 and 9 year olds”.


For our Mission Partners and their ministry in Woodley, in this country and overseas.