One of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law came into effect on the 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, means that you'll have more control over how your data is used.  It also ensures that organisations protect your personal data better.

To reflect these changes and new obligations, we've updated our privacy policy which now tells you what we do with your personal data, how it's used and your rights as an individual under the new law. The new privacy notice is available at stjohnswoodley/privacy-policy or you can contact us.

To help us stay in contact and to ensure that we are respecting your personal requests, we thought that we would take this opportunity to ask you to update your details, so that what we are holding is current and we have your permission to use for a variety of reasons.  Therefore, please complete the form below and we will update at your request.

Please provide us with your consent

For St. John's to keep in contact with you, we believe that it is essential to keep three pieces of personal information; your name, email address and contact number.  Any other details e.g. address, date of birth etc... that you provide to us will not necessarily be kept, unless it is specifically needed to fulfil a purpose, to which, we will ask your permission to collect, store and use it.

It is necessary that for all personal data that we hold, that your consent must be given.  This also includes babies, children and young adults under 16 years of age, of which, as either their parent or legal guardian, you will need to confirm that you are in agreement for St. John's to keep personal information on them until they are of the age to consent for themselves.

Please note, that you cannot complete one form for a household, you must do individual forms per person.

Please select option A, B or C whilst completing this form

Name *
A. I confirm that I give consent to keep my personal details as follows:
Tick all that apply NB: All details that are provided to St. John's for the correspondence and fulfilment of Church Bookings, Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals are subject to their own data policies. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
B. I confirm that I am happy for you to keep my essential details (Name, Email & Phone), but do not wish my data to be used for any marketing/communications activities
Please note that there may be times when St. John's need to communicate regarding important legal/safety notices or for Electoral Role. St. John's will, therefore, only contact you for these matters alone.
C. Please remove ALL my personal details
Please note, that should you previously have submitted details for the Electoral Role, these details will be maintained until the renewal (May 2019).
COMMUNICATION - I agree that you can contact me using the following methods:
Tick all that apply
Tick all that apply Please note that the Group Leader will reach out to you separately to gain the necessary consent that goes over our essential data requirements.
Should you have ticked either of the Pathfinders or Toddlers, please provide us with their names below. Your Group Leader will be in contact with you with more information on what is required from you and what will be held.