Remembrance Sunday

8am Holy Communion

10.50am Special Service

Worshipping God and sharing the love and life of Jesus

Bible Readings

8am Service:
Job 19: 23-27
Luke 20: 37-38

10.50am Service:
Job 19: 23-27
John 15: 9-13

Prayer of the Week
God, our refuge and strength, bring near the day when wars shall cease and poverty and pain shall end, that earth may know the peace of heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. John's Prayer
Grant us Lord Faith to believe and Strength to do your will. Amen.

Previous Week Readings - 3rd Nov
Ephesians 1: 11-23
Luke 6: 20-31

PCC Notice

Next PCC Meetings

  • 23rd November 2019

  • 25th January 2020

  • 28th March 2020


  • Church Wardens: Lesley Green & Pat Almond

  • Deanery Synod Representatives: Tony White & David Crane

  • PCC Members: Gill Adams, Clive Boys, David Crane, Peter Farrington, Lorna Godwin, Pauline Harris, Rosalyn Lane Heath, Anne Luckhurst, Lesley Green, Pat Almond & Tony White.

Week's Notice

Ladies Group - 13th Nov
The Ladies’ Group will meet at 8pm on Wednesday 13th November, for a talk by Shirley Slade on the History of Woodley’s churches.

Praying Together - Tuesdays
Please consider joining us on Tuesdays at 7.30pm for a short service of evening prayer and an opportunity to pray together, particularly during this time, for our Church.

Crib Services - Help needed
Volunteers needed for the puppet group for both services on Christmas Eve (3pm & 4pm) Please speak to Pat Almond if you can help. Invitations are at the back of the church.

In our thoughts...

For the World: those affected by the ongoing situation in Syria and the families of those who have died in the recent lorry incident.

For our country: for our Prime Minister, the Government and the forthcoming General Elections.

Our community: for the police, doctors, nurses, carers, emergency services and firemen.

Church Groups: Toddlers Group.

Mission Partners: Anglican Mission agencies, JAC and Children’s Society. Also for A Rocha, the Christian Conservation organisation and those affected by the death of key workers in the tragic car accident in South Africa.

Those who are unwell & recovering: Mary, Perry, Joy, Leba, Liz, Jo, Mick, Sarah, Gwyneth, Jane, Pam, Brian, Della, Peter, Michael, Marion, Brenda & Fred, Signy, Tracy, John, Ruth, Jim, Georgina, Janet, Masen, Anthony, Michael and Christine.

In our thoughts: For the family and friends of those who are grieving, especially Olive Mahoney, Barbara Wix (Jane Hainsworth’s mother), Freda Pemberton, Mark Boyce and Jim Boyd.

Church Support

Re-ordering & Decorating
The church is in need of some essential work, as it has not been updated for 30 years.  Next year, the church will undergo a re-ordering when we will look to improve the facilities that St. John's can offer, therefore, all support is welcome.  Please contact us for more information.

Flower Fund
Thank you to all who donate towards the flowers for our Special Services.  In order to maintain this, and for other services e.g. Remembrance, Service of Hope, Christmas etc... we need to raise £500 per year.  Should you wish to donate to the 'Flower Fund', please Contact Us.

Community Help

Have any unwanted tools?
TWAM (Tools with a Mission), a Christian charity, is collecting unwanted tools. After being refurbished and packed they are distributed to people in developing countries. Contact Nigel Collins for more info. 9691240 or

Suspect a fraudster?
Do not give personal bank/card details and call police straight away on 999 or 101. But call from another phone: mobile phone or from a neighbour. Please, be on guard!

Churches In Woodley

No current notices.



8am Holy Communion

10am Holy Communion

Bible Readings

Malachi 4: 1-2
Luke 21: 5-19


8am Holy Communion

10am Family Service & Welcoming

Bible Readings

Jeremiah 23: 1-6
Luke 23: 33-43

Advent Sunday

8am Holy Communion

10am Family Service

Bible Readings