The Entrance & Welcome

A special moment for all is watching the bride walking down the aisle.  This signifies the start of the marriage.

Upon reaching the altar, the vicar will offer his warmest welcomes to all and a hymn may be sung.  Following this, words to reflect on the purpose of marriage and God's love.

The Preface

The Preface is the introduction to the marriage.  It identifies who this marriage is between and asks for God's blessing.  It reminds us what marriage is and what it symbolises to one another and to God.  The start of a life together in which both parties are consenting to share and be one.

The Declaration

The Declaration is where the bride and groom openly commit their love for one another and announce this to all in the presence of witnesses.

The Vicar will start by asking all that are present if they know of any reason legally that the bride and groom are not permitted to marry.  Following this, the vicar will then ask both the bride and groom independantly to confirm this and continues with asking each to agree to honour, protect and be faithful to each other.  The response from each is "I will".

Finally the Vicar turns to the congregation and asks that will they all also support and uphold them in their marriage, of which, the response "We will" is said by all.

There are often two readings during a marriage, one of which must be a Bible reading the other a poem, love letter or other significant words.  Readings allow a personal touch to a marriage service, of which, should you require, we would be happy to advise you of popular verses.




The Sermon given by the Vicar during the marriage will follow on from the Bible reading that you have chosen and will aim to provide guidance on your marriage under God's will. 

The vows and exchanging of rings is the symbol of the commitment that the bride and groom pledge to each other.  Traditional words of in sickness and in health or for better or worse remind us that there are good and difficult times in marriages and by saying these words, each are agreeing God's holy law and making the vow to each other.

Rings are exchanged as a sign of honour to each other, of which, the Vicar will then confirm that by giving and receiving of the rings the bride and groom are now husband and wife.

The Vows


The Blessing is a time to reflect on the commitment that the bride and groom have just made to each other and if front of all present and God.  The Vicar will offer the Blessing of Marriage through a prayer.

The Blessing

The final part of a marriage is making it legal by the signing of the register, which must be witnessed by two individuals.  This often done away from the main church area either in a separate room or off to the side.  Music is usually played or sung during this time.

Signing of the Registers

Once the Register has been signed and witnessed, all return to the main church for the final prayer offered by the Vicar to wish the new Mr & Mrs a strong and loving marriage, guided by the love of God always.

Final Prayers

Please Note: When creating your Order of Service, if you plan to print the hymns in it, you will need to reference the Copyright Number.  This is a legal requirement.

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