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Prices correct as of 1st August 2016

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We will endeavour to provide your choice of colour if available and of a suitable quality.
Will you be requiring Away Banns? Please note, this is payable to your own parish and a certificate will need to be produced before your marriage at St. John's. Costs approximately - £40
Please provide the name and address of the church where these are to be read
Please advise if you would like us to provide you with a list of suggested organists and contact details?
If you already have the details of your preferred organist, please provide their name and contact number
Please advise if you plan to making a video of the ceremony?
If you already have the details of your preferred videographer, please provide their name and contact number
Please advise if you plan on using a music on a CD for your ceremony. CDs must be provided at least two weeks prior to your wedding day
Please provide us with details of any special requirements e.g. guests needing assistance, wheelchair access, pushchaire access etc...
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable deposit of £50 should be paid on booking your wedding day at St. John's or as soon as possible to secure your day.  If you have not yet paid your deposit please send this to us immediately.  This covers all office administration costs incurred by the Church with regards to your wedding booking.

Heating Chargeable Oct - May incl may also be chargeable during May and September depending on weather.

If you require us to provide flowers in the church, these should be booked as soon as possile to ensure the availability of the flower arrangers.  We will endeavour to provide flowers in your choice of colour, subject to these being available and of a suitable quality.  If a second wedding is booked and proceeds on the same day/weekend as yours, we will have to take into account both weddings.  If there is no common colour scheme we will provide the flowers in neutral shades.

The use of confetti is not allowed unless it is natural flower petals or made with bio-degradable material.  There is a £50 fine if confetti is used and you will be asked to come back and clear all away.

All remaining Statutory Church of England Fees are due six weeks before your wedding day together with full payment for any additional services you require.  We will write to you to remind you of the fees due.