Wedding Costs

At St. John's we understand that weddings can be costly, so to help you budget, please find an example of costs that would be associated to holding your wedding here.

Some costs are compulsory, which are set by the Church of England and are to ensure that St. John's can maintain essential services and ministries for the Woodley community.  This covers elements such as the legal fees too.

Other costs are optional depending on whether you choose or decline.

Compulsory costs

The legal fee, which is the same for every church covers the cost of the vicar, the church, calling of the banns, a banns certificate, marriage certificate, lighting and all administration.  The cost for this is £415 plus a £50 non-refundable deposit.  Please note, this is the cost for a 'Marriage by Banns'.  If your marriage will be a 'Marriage by Licence' the cost for this is £415 (legal fee) plus £165 (licence fee).

Optional extras

There are other optional costs, which are solely set by yourself depending on your budget:-

  • Verger (required if over 10 people) - £45
  • Additional heating (recommended Oct - May inc.) - £40
  • Sound engineer (if needed) - £40
  • Bell-ringers (up to 3 bells) - £5 each* - currently not available
  • Flowers (St. John's has a local flower arranger) - £260
  • Organist & choir – booked directly.  St. John's can provide you a list of suggested organists (fees vary)*
  • Away banns (if required - payable to own parish) - £40
  • Copyright fee (if video) - £60
  • Additional Certificate (additional at service, £10 later) - £4
  • Donations toward the Church's copyright licence always gratefully received

* If your wedding is filmed, there can be additional costs for performing rights..

Wedding Requirements Form

St. John's will provide you with a summary of costs depending on what other optional services you decide upon.  To help us summarise this for you, please complete the Wedding Requirements Form below.  Once we have received your form, we will create a summary quote.  If you require any additional information, please do contact us.